July stock: music and Shakespeare

Tuesday the 3rd of July: we have re-opened our basement with entirely new stock.

Amongst the books on our shelves are two collections we are very proud of:


We have bought 100’s of books from the music journalist and writer Paolo Hewitt, who wrote biographies about Paul Weller, Steve Marriott and others, and is a regular contributor to The Guardian newspaper.


We also purchased a large collection from the late Michael Bogdanov (1938-2017), notorious theatre director and founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company, whose 1980 production of The Romans in Britain led to an infamous obscenity trial.

As usual there is a lot of travel, literature and history on our shelves.

Other main subjects for July are:

Eastern religion (mainly Buddhism)
Sports & pastimes
Natural History
Art & Architecture
Performing arts
…and much more

We look forward to seeing you!

Best wishes from Quinto and Francis Edwards Booksellers!

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