August change-over

photo 3On Tuesday 5 August we will re-open our basement at 2pm with completely new stock!

It’s a wonderful and diverse mix of books with pretty much every subject covered.

Stand-out sections are ARCHITECTURE, NEEDLEWORK & EMBROIDERY and other ART related subjects.

There will be a lot of LITERATURE, mainly in hardback with collectable authors such as Bernard Cornwell, Agatha Christie and Charles Dickens, and some wonderful sci-fi paperbacks.

The SOCIAL SCIENCES are well represented and there are several bays of beautiful NATURAL HISTORY BOOKS, with a focus on GARDENING.

As usual we are well stocked for MILITARY, TRAVEL and HISTORY titles. This time these include several shelves of books about the FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR and a great selection of ANCIENT HISTORY books.

Also worth mentioning are the extensive sections on THEOLOGY (including MYSTICISM) and POLITICS.

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Military books


Quinto has always been strong on World War 2, but rarely have we had a collection as extensive as the one we have at the moment. Lots of unusual titles, quite a few of them in German, with great covers and all in excellent condition.

Other highlights of our July stock are our sections on Central Asia and India, mountaineering, social sciences, natural history, art and literature.

The stock will be available from 1 July at 2pm.


June change-over

IMAG0987Our basement has just re-opened with completely new stock.

This month we are particularly strong on ART and TRAVEL.

We have bays full of DESIGN, ANTIQUES & COLLECTING, GLASS & CERAMICS, FILM & TV and a stunning selection of MOUNTAINEERING books.


As usual there is a lot of (MILITARY) HISTORY, including several shelves with books about the CRIMEAN WAR, and plenty of LITERATURE.

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May change-over

film, website

A lot of books on Cinema…

On Tuesday the 6th of May at 2pm Quinto will re-open with completely new stock.

This month’s change-over is particularly strong on CLASSICAL HISTORY: from ancient Greek and Roman authors to large sections on archaeology and Roman Britain.

We also have a fantastic section on the U.S. CIVIL WAR, a lot of nice TRAVEL books (including mountaineering) and some great LITERATURE (novels and literary criticism).

The PERFORMING ARTS are also well represented this month, with a focus on FILM and MUSIC. Other large subjects are: EDUCATION, SOCIAL SCIENCES, and a whole bay of books in ARABIC.


Last chance to buy!

All books in the basement will be boxed up on Saturday 3rd of May.
On Tuesday 6th May we will re-open with all new stock!


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April change-over


Work in progress

We are re-opening our basement with completely new stock on Tuesday the 1st of April!

This month we have a wonderful selection of SOCIAL SCIENCES and PHILOSOPHY books: anything from Freud to Heidegger, Sartre, Nietzsche and other well-known thinkers.

Our ART section is enormous with quality books on ANTIQUES & COLLECTING, monographs on pretty much any European painter you can think of.

There are also several bays of NAVAL & MARITIME books, a large GARDENING section and many books in FRENCH.

As usual there are good sections on MILITARY (WW1 and WW2), HISTORY, TRAVEL and LITERATURE, including lost of SCIENCE FICTION.

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New stock in basement on 4th of March (from 2pm)

IMAG0887Our monthly change-over is going ahead as usual on Tue 4 March at 2pm. We are expecting lots of art, literature and military.

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Sale at Francis Edwards!


Hundreds of books have been re-priced this month at Francis Edwards. Most of them sell for about half the original price and real bargains can be found. Some of the books have been in our shop for a while, but we also had a delivery of over 200 books from our shop in Hay-on-Wye and a lot of stock hasn’t been on our shelves before. More will be added next week, so come and enjoy a bargain at Francis Edwards!



A good start for 2014


All last year’s books were boxed up last weekend and have been replaced by new stock. A lot of literature, art and foreign languages, some interesting cookery and a room full of history, military and travel.

The current stock will only be in the shop until the 1st of February, so make sure you visit us before then!  At Quinto’s books move quickly.



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The past makes a great present

Miniature books; ideal stocking fillers!

A selection of ‘miniature books’

Books make great presents. Second-hand books make even better presents. At Quinto you won’t be shopping for the latest bestseller, celebrity biography or that Christmas coffee table book that’s on offer in pretty much every bookshop. If you get a second-hand book people will know you hand-picked it and bought it especially with them in mind.


Our shop is full of unusual books: hardback novels of the sixties and seventies, biographies of artists and writers of the past, art books and illustrated works. Pretty much all subjects are represented.

Come in, have a browse, and find something special for this coming Christmas! The past makes a great present.



Books, lots of them!


Quinto will re-open with completely new stock today (Tue 3rd of December) at 2pm!

All the books in our basement were boxed up on Saturday and are being replaced with new stock. The shelves will be filled top to bottom with second-hand books on all subjects.

This re-stock is particularly strong on literature – unusual and hard to find novels and underground writing. We also have a large music section with scores of scores and biographies on people from Dylan to Mozart.

Other eye-catching sections are those with books about needlework, Wales, gay studies, and there is more than a bay of children’s books.

The usual subjects are there as well in large quantities: history, military, travel, theology, natural history and much more!

Come and have a look and start your Christmas shopping at Quinto!


Coming up – Jeremy Reed!

Jeremy Reed

We are thrilled to announce that star poet, Jeremy Reed will be giving one of his dazzling performances at Quinto Bookshop this coming Wednesday. The event is free and there will be some wine on offer – this is absolutely not to be missed!

Jeremy Reed’s talent is almost extraterrestrial in its brilliance. He is Rimbaud reconfigured as the Man who fell to Earth, a visitor from deep space whose time machine was designed by Lautreamont and de Sade, and powered by the most exotic fuels the imagination has ever devised.’ J.G. Ballard

The most beautiful, outrageously brilliant poetry in the world’. Bjork

Jeremy will be performing at 6.45pm, Wednesday September the 18th in the basement.


Basement re-stock coming up!


We will be boxing up all of the current books on Saturday the 27th of September and re-opening the basement with a new selection on Tuesday, October the 1st at 2pm.


September stock


Our most recent basement re-stock was on the 3rd of September. In addition to the usual subjects, the current selection includes some old technical photography books, lots on the history of Palestine and Israel and some books on Judiaca, a large selection on the history of schools (mainly public schools) and education, child psychiatry and child law, economics books including a selection on Keynes, also quite a few Star Wars and Dr. Who novels, books on vintage cars and motorbikes as well as biology, geography and landscape related books.

We’ve also had a delivery of new books at Francis Edwards, which includes lots of naval and maritime and mountaineering books among other subjects.


Basement re-stock coming up!

We’re re-stocking our basement this weekend and will re-open with new stock on Tuesday, September the 3rd at 2pm!


New Acquisitions


We’ve been adding new titles to the shelves since the last major stock change earlier this month including a nice selection of old Penguin paperbacks. We still have a huge collection of World War II, classical studies, railways and old books on botany and gardening. We’ll be re-stocking the basement this weekend to open with a new selection on Tuesday September the 3rd at 2pm.


New titles at Francis Edwards

Newly acquired books arrive at Francis Edwards almost every week – usually on Thursdays. Recent arrivals include a small collection of books on education and the history and lore of various public schools such as Eton and Harrow. We’ve also had a good selection of Geographical Handbooks including some rarer titles as well as various other books including these lovely Lynd Ward editions from the 1930s.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMad Man’s Drum, first trade edition, published by Jonathan Cape (1930), £35

God’s Man, second Impression published by Jonathan Cape (1930). God’s Man is considered to be the first American graphic novel without words and is the first of Lynd Ward’s woodcut novels, £25