October stock change


Monday 9am

Quinto changes entire stock

Our basement re-opened with completely new stock on Tuesday 7th of October!

The main subject for this October change-over is ANCIENT HISTORY. There are bays and bays of books about Greek and Roman history, including books by and about the ancient philosophers, playwrights etc.

Lots of TRAVEL too this time, with big sections on the Middle East and the Balkans.



Tuesday 1pm

It’s quite a political change-over with lots of books on recent HISTORY, POLITICS and TERRORISM.

We also have an unusually large section on CRICKET, a great selection of TRANSPORT books and almost a bay of THEOLOGY.

As you can expect from us you’ll find a good chunk of LITERATURE and ART, NATURAL HISTORY (including bee keeping), MILITARY (WW1) and (POPULAR) SCIENCE.




Ahead of the Quinto change-over we had a large delivery to Francis Edwards, including several shelves of A&C Blacks.

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