Last chance to buy!

All our basement stock will be boxed up this Saturday 30 August. We will re-open with completely new stock on Tuesday 1 September at 2pm.


August restock

We have reopened our basement with thousands of new books.

We kept back some of our July stock and given that marvellous FOLKLORE section – or what’s left of it – another chance.

We have added a lot of LITERATURE and are particularly strong on POETRY this month. We have replenished the art sections and have many new acquisitions within PHOTOGRAPHY and PERFORMING ARTS.

A completely new subject – a first in Quinto history – is BOY SCOUTING. Everything from pamphlets on mapping and handcraft to boy scout fiction and books by and about Lord Baden-Powell.

There is about a bay of all new stock on the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, a lot of new TRAVEL and HISTORY, KING PENGUINS and much more…

Plenty of reasons to pay us a visit!


Basement restock

Our basement is closed while we’re putting new stock out. We will be open again on Tuesday 4 August from 2pm with thousands of new books!

Our opening times for the next few days are:

Sunday 2 August
Francis Edwards: 12 to 5
Quinto: closed 

Monday 3 August
Francis Edwards: 9 to 7
Quinto: closed

Tuesday 4 August
Francis Edwards: 9 to 9 (closed between 1 and 2)
Quinto: 2 to 9



July change-over

Tuesday 7July: we have re-opened our basement with completely new stock!

As usual there is a fair bit of literature, travel and history, but the main subjects for this month are: 

Literary criticism
Folio Society

And many other subjects!
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Last chance to buy

 All our basement stock will be boxed up on Saturday 4 July.

We will re-open our basement on Tuesday 7 July at 2pm with completely new stock.


June change-over

We have added thousands of books to our existing stock and will re-open our basement on Tuesday 2 June at 2pm.

Our HISTORY section is all new with an incredible amount of CLASSICAL HISTORY.

We have added a lot of new TRAVEL books. Our AFRICA section is particularly impressive this month.

Our PHILOSOPHY and RELIGION shelves have been replenished with lots of interesting books, including books on Eastern religions.

We’ve added a lot of new novels and Sci-Fi magazines, a good chunk of ART books and much more!

We look forward to seeing you!

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Re-stock Quinto

Our basement is closed while we’re putting new stock out. We will be open again on Tuesday 2 June from 2pm with thousands of new books!




spring change-over

IMAG14307 APRIL 2015
We have completely re-stocked our basement.

It’s a month of fun and PHILOSOPHY. From serious, academic books on the meaning of life to the weirdest stories imaginable.

Amongst the large LITERATURE section there are two full bays of POETRY. You can find work by established poets like Tennyson and Yeats as well as books by more obscure poets.

SCI-FI and FANTASY lovers will have a wonderful time in Quinto this month. In addition to bays full of books there are piles of sci-fi MAGAZINES from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s like ‘Amazing Stories’, ‘Super Science Stories’ and ‘Wonder Stories’. Great covers!

There is also a lot of ILLUSTRATED literature and several bays of good ART – including half a bay of MUSIC and PERFORMING ARTS.

Last month we were a bit short of SOCIAL SCIENCES, but we’re making up for it in April… Also back after a month’s absence (with a vengeance) is a large and wonderful section of THEOLOGY books, as well as some COOKERY and SCIENCE.

As usual there is a lot of TRAVEL, MILITARY and HISTORY. Most countries are represented, but the travel section is particularly strong on the Middle East, Far East, Iberia and North America.

IMAG1425Coinciding with change-over we had a large delivery to Francis Edwards with some UK first editions of Simenon’s Maigret novels, a few titles by Jean-Paul Sartre and lots and lots of poetry. The Francis Edwards stock is already on the shelf, so if you’re in town early, do call in!

All the best from Quinto and Francis Edwards Booksellers!


April change-over

Our basement is closed while we change our stock.
We will re-open on Tuesday 7 April  at 2pm.

All the best,
Quinto Bookshop


Half price sale at Quinto!

Today we will turn our basement into a proper ‘bargain basement’. From 2pm on Tuesday 3 March all our Quinto stock will be half the marked price!

It will be a full ‘change-over’ with thousands of new books on our shelves. The stock is particularly strong on ART and ARCHITECTURE, with nice sections on antiques and ceramics, and a good bay with artist monographs.

Half of the change-over stock consists of HISTORY, TRAVEL and MILITARY, including several bays on WW2 and a lot of NAVAL & MILITARY.

It’s a good one for readers of CRIME FICTION as well and if you’re into NATURAL HISTORY this will definitely be your month!

We have also re-priced a good chunk of our Francis Edwards titles. Most of these now sell for half the original price.

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Quinto restock and Sale at Francis Edwards

IMAG1356Today (Tuesday 3 February) at 2pm we will re-open our basement with completely new stock. It’s an eclectic mix of subjects with a lot of HISTORY, LITERATURE and plenty of wonderful ART and ARCHITECTURE books.

We have an outstanding CLASSICS section, including shelves and shelves of the ever popular LOEB CLASSICS.

A lot of TRAVEL books as well, with a particular focus on RUSSIA and THE FAR EAST.

We’re very proud of the extensive collection of PHILOSOPHY titles: Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and a great number of obscure Russian thinkers…

Also worth mentioning are the many books we have on ISLAM, and at least one colleague got quite excited about a shelf or so of books on cake decoration…

IMAG1352 (2)If a complete change of stock at Quinto doesn’t give you enough incentive to visit the shop, there is also a massive sale on at Francis Edwards!

Hundreds of books have been re-priced this month at Francis Edwards. Most of them sell for about half the original price and real bargains can be found. Some of the books have been in our shop for a while, but we also had a delivery of over 200 books from our shop in Hay-on-Wye and a lot of stock hasn’t been on our shelves before.

We look forward to seeing you!

All the best from Quinto and Francis Edwards Booksellers!


January re-stock

A Happy New Year to you all!

Our basement has re-opened with 1000s of new books! Come and have a browse and start the year with something unexpected!


re-stock in progress






Christmas and New Year

ChristmasStill need some Christmas presents?

We had a nice selection in of the ever-popular King Penguins, a whole shelf of The Saturday Book, some 1920s Greyfriars Holiday Annuals for Boys and Girls and lots of other books that would make perfect Christmas presents.

We’re open until 4pm on Christmas Eve if any last minute presents are needed…

Christmas and New Year opening times:
24 December: 9am-4pm
25 December: Closed
26 December: Closed
31 December: 9am-4pm
1 January: Closed





December change-over

IMAG1247Our basement has reopened with completely new stock!

On our shelves this month we have a fantastic selection of books from the collection of the author and commentator David Pryce-Jones. Pryce-Jones is best known for his works about the Arab world and his collection of books represents this interest.

We also have an incredible section with books on MUSIC, with a focus on opera and classical composers. There probably isn’t a book published on Puccini that we don’t have!

There are good sections on LITERATURE, ART and NATURAL HISTORY and our SCIENCE section has some interesting titles about astronomy and space travel!

Also worth mentioning are our CHILDREN’S books and as usual there will be a good chunk of HISTORY and TRAVEL.

And lots more of course. Come and have a look at 72 Charing Cross Road!

All the best,
Quinto Bookshop

IMAG1241 IMAG1242 IMAG1244 IMAG1246




December change-over

Our basement is closed while we change our stock.
We will re-open on Tuesday 2 December at 2pm.

All the best,
Quinto Bookshop




October stock change


Monday 9am

Quinto changes entire stock

Our basement re-opened with completely new stock on Tuesday 7th of October!

The main subject for this October change-over is ANCIENT HISTORY. There are bays and bays of books about Greek and Roman history, including books by and about the ancient philosophers, playwrights etc.

Lots of TRAVEL too this time, with big sections on the Middle East and the Balkans.



Tuesday 1pm

It’s quite a political change-over with lots of books on recent HISTORY, POLITICS and TERRORISM.

We also have an unusually large section on CRICKET, a great selection of TRANSPORT books and almost a bay of THEOLOGY.

As you can expect from us you’ll find a good chunk of LITERATURE and ART, NATURAL HISTORY (including bee keeping), MILITARY (WW1) and (POPULAR) SCIENCE.




Ahead of the Quinto change-over we had a large delivery to Francis Edwards, including several shelves of A&C Blacks.

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